I am the daughter of a Jewish-Christian minister and I grew up in a strong, close-knit spiritual community.  As a young girl, I found myself drawn to Eastern traditions while simultaneously devoted to the monotheistic tradition I was raised in. I am fascinated and inspired by this groundless place of paradox and complexity.  As a long-term meditation practitioner, I draw from various contemplative traditions and practices to fuel my fire and deepen my spiritual awareness.

I bring this spiritual awareness and aptitude - fostered, as it were, through many years of personal exploration - into my psychological work. I have a deep appreciation for the intimate relationship between spiritual and psychological development. I believe that the fullness of our potential is more likely to be realized via an approach that holds both, in simultaneous concert. 

In my view, successful psychological work leads to an improved experience of one's life and an enhanced sense of self. Spiritual growth, on the other hand, often leads to the recognition that nothing is incomplete or needing improvement. I hold both of these views - contradicting though they seem - in mind, as I work with my clients.

Psychological work without the spiritual component is unlikely to result in the experience of genuine freedom. Spiritual work without the psychological component is unlikely to result in the cultivation of the numerous capacities that create mature, capable, responsible and ethical adults.

I have multiple years of experience bringing these views into actual practice in the context of the classroom and in the context of the therapeutic relationship. 

Whether you are in a spiritual crisis, recovering from spiritual abuse, interested in spiritual development or simply drawn to personal growth in general, I can be of help.