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Family Counseling

  • Is your family coming apart at the seams?
  • Is your family unable to communicate in a healthy manner?
  • Is your family increasingly distant, cold and tense?
  • Relish in the fruitful benefits of a joyful family
  • Be chomping at the bit to get home from work and be with your family
  • Fall in LOVE with your life all over again
  • Behavioral issues
  • Estrangement 
  • Parenting skills
  • Loss
  • Work stress


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More about Trevor



I work with Trevor Brown (pictured to the left) in a co-therapy model, meaning we are both in the room with the entire family at the same time.

We have been working together in a variety of contexts for a number of years. Our unique approach to therapy is grounded in a doctrine of personal choice, humor and personal responsibility. Our view is that the neuroses that manifest in families, couples and individuals serve an important function. Our work is geared towards uncovering this function and assisting the family in finding new ways – healthy and conscious ways – of relating to one another. 

How to Work with Us

  • Family counseling

    • $250 for 1.5 hours

  • Work individually with members of the family in addition to the family sessions

    • $125 for 1 hour

  • In more acute cases, we go to your house and support overwhelming and intense family dynamics

    • $600 for 3 hours

The love is there. It might not feel like it. It may be masked in a cloak of anger, resentment, hatred and frustration. But it is there. It is why you guys are still together and why you haven’t killed one another outright. It is what brings you to family therapy and it is the seed that will pull you through this difficult time. 

Over the years, families ritualize their relationships in unconscious ways. They implicitly agree, for example, for one person to be the location of all the issues. They then focus on this one person as the cause of the problems and the solution to the problems. This strategy continually fails. Eventually, the family members come to an increasing awareness that they are all responsible for the state of the family.

This disturbing realization is immensely powerful. It fuels the subsequent growth and maturation of the family and of each individual member. Lisa and I use our sensitivity to the unconscious dynamics fueling the surface-level conflicts and our playfulness to ensure that the family sessions are enjoyable and beneficial to all parties involved. 


Approaches to Complex Family Systems and Families in Crisis